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An industry-backed proposed plastic bag bill (A3267, S2600) is on the fast track through the NJ legislature and is up for vote THIS THURSDAY 6/21 . We need your immediate help.

We are asking you to please call and Tweet Senate President Sweeney, Senator Bob Smith, your Senator, and two Assembly representatives and ask them to hold the plastic bag bill, A3267, until it can be improved.

NJEL, ANJEC, and colleague non-profits have submitted amendments to the bill that would strengthen it.

As it is written now, we are concerned that that bill would do little to reduce plastic bags in NJ, and it would serve as greenwashing.

NJEL, ANJEC,  and others have put forth amendments that would do the following and more:
Split fees between shop owners and a state fund for litter abatement, especially in urban communities;
Allow municipalities to adopt stronger ordinances, including bans on bags; Require everyone to comply, supply reusable bags to those in need; rather than exempting certain populations from compliance.
Thank you for your action. We will be in Trenton on Thursday working on this.