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As of late June 2018, a statewide single-use carryout bag fee bill passed the Senate and Assembly in NJ. You’d think that we here at NJThinkOutsideTheBag would be jumping for joy. We’re not. We’re mad; mad as hell. The bill (A3267/S2600) sucks. We are praying that Governor Murphy figures out the bill sucks and the bill will do nothing for the environment or the State Treasury. 

Here’s why A3267/S2600 is a bad bill….

  1. The fee should be a minimum, not a set amount, and is too low. It would work better at 10 cents, not five cents. 
  2. Merchants should get to keep more of the collected money.
  3. There is no enforcement of any kind.
  4. It preempts the work being done in other NJ municipalities to pass fee and ban ordinances that suit the needs of their towns and cities.
  5. The definition of a reusable bag is weak – the manufacturer gets to define a bag as “reusable” just by saying so.
  6. The definition of a store is so limited it diminishes the impact of plastic waste reduction.
  7. There is no eventual plastic bag ban, so we’ll have bags stuck in trees and choking marine life forever.