About Us

NJThinkOutsideTheBag is a coalition of organizations and individuals that believe we must drastically reduce the 4.4 billion single-use shopping bags used annually in NJ. They are making a mess of our state. Putting a fee on bags has reduced bag use by up to 90% consistently all over the world. We believe it will be as successful in NJ. We want merchants to keep enough of the fee to make a profit on the bags. This way the bags go from being a supply to being inventory – just another product to be sold at a profit. This will reduce merchants’ overhead expenses, and make them happier. They won’t be stuck providing complimentary bags that just end up in the environment as garbage. And taxpayers won’t be stuck paying for the litter removal.

And we mean a fee on all single-use shopping bags: plastic, paper, biodegradable, compostable, etc. Let’s get away from the “disposable” mentality. The age of the complimentary disposable shopping bag is over.

We encourage township, countywide, and statewide initiatives to put fees on bags. A township or county that puts a fee on all single-use disposable shopping bags will help pave the way for a successful statewide law. Our website provides information and resources to help activists around the state.

Our Member Organizations: