Plastic Bag Laws

Municipality bag ordinances all in one place. A great resource for towns considering a ban or fee.

(new) Association of NJ Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) – NJ model ordinances. Downloadable from www.ANJEC.org

New Jersey:

(comprehensive article on all the towns that have enacted some sort of plastic bag ban or fee ordinance): https://www.nj.com/expo/news/erry-2018/11/30a05968531626/these-17-nj-towns-have-taken-a.html

Summary of NJ Towns (as of February 2019) who have enacted plastic waste reduction laws, or plastic bag ordinances:

(new) Atlantic County – plastic bags and straws banned in county parks, effective August 13, 2018. 

(new) Avalon: The new regulations prevent businesses from handing out single-use plastic bags and plastic foam food containers.  The ordinance becomes effective on June 1, 2019.

(new) Beach Haven : plastic bag ban goes into effect June 2019

(new) Belmar: ban on single use plastic bags goes into effect Spring 2019.

(new) Bradley Beach: ban on single use plastic bags, a fee on paper bags, effective Jan 1, 2019.

(new) Brigantine: ban on single use plastic bags, goes into effect on June 1, 2019

(new) Harvey Cedars – ban on single use plastic bags took effect on June 1, 2018

(new) Hoboken – ban on single use plastics, retailers can charge up to 25 cents per paper bag, went into effect in December 2018

(new) Jersey City – banned plastic bags June 2018, the ban goes into effect in June 2019.

(new) Lambertville: Lambertville passed a ban on single-use plastic bags, polystyrene foam containers and plastic straws. The Lambertville ordinance uses a two-phase system. Phase I, which began on Oct. 1, 2018 is a voluntary opt-in program for businesses. Phase II, in which the ordinance becomes mandatory for the city’s businesses, begins on Jan. 1, 2020.

(new) Long Beach – ban on plastic bags effective May 2018, exemption for bait shops. 

(new) Monmouth Beach – a ban on plastic bags, plastic straws, polystyrene food containers, effective June 1, 2018

(new) Point Pleasant Beach – plastic bag ban went into effect in May 2018.

(new) Stafford Township – single use plastic bag ban in effect as of December 6, 2018.

(new) Stone Harbor – ban on plastic bags, plastic utensils, and polystyrene food containers, ban goes into effect on June 1, 2019

(new) Teaneck – passed an ordinance that puts a five cent fee on all plastic bags in July 2017, was set to go into effect July 6, 2018, but the town decided to hold off to see what the State would do. 

(new) Ventnor –  passed an ordinance in May 2018 putting a five cent fee on all single use plastic shopping bags. 


National Conference of State Legislatures – summary

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