Plastic Recycling: The Triangle is a Lie

Link to a series of three articles researched & reported by the author of the Flotsam Diaries blog on what really happens to plastic when it is recycled. The truth isn’t pretty, and it might make you angry.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Plastics Industry’s “Public Interest” Role in Legislation and Litigation of Plastic Bag Laws in California. Written by Jennie R. Romer and Shanna Foley.

Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinances:

New York City’s Proposed Charge on All Carryout Bags as a Model for U.S. Cities. Written by Jennie R. Romer and Leslie Mintz Tamminen.

Plastic Bag Amicus Brief

A comprehensive report that was admitted as additional clarifying information in a court case between plastic bag industry representatives and the County of Los Angeles. The plastic bag industry lost the case, and the County proved it was well within their police powers to create a fee for all shopping bags, and a ban on plastic bags. The amicus brief contains the results of studies and data collection done by well established environmental groups.Studies

Overview of Carryout Bags in Los Angeles County – July 2007 report.

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors asked for the Director of Public Works to explore the impacts of adopting a San Francisco style bag policy. Comprehensive input from retail, recyclers, environmentalists, and other stakeholders.

Lifecycle Assessment of Supermarket Carryout Bags, UK Environment Agency – 2011

An analysis of how many times do you have to use a durable bag (a variety found in the UK) to compensate for a conventional single-use supermarket plastic bag (includes calculations for 40% of supermarket bags used as bin liners). 

NJ/NY Baykeeper Study on amount of plastic in New York Harbor: link to PDF of report: (I have the report as a pdf)S

Plastics Industry Employment Statistics– 2010

A table of the number of people employed by plastic bags by state. These numbers are provided by the plastics industry.